Rakuten LinkShare Product Datafeed Created by Crawling – Chloe Feed Assembler

5 or 6 years ago we tried to find a solution for a LinkShare client of ours that would allow us to get a product datafeed, merchandiser feed as LinkShare has called it, with very little needed from our client. There just wasn’t an option at the time, nor has there been until we developed the Feed Assembler.

Who did we create this tool for that allows anyone to create a product datafeed with no IT resources and really no resources needed at all? Well, basically me, 16 years ago. I worked for a large women’s retailer and could not get the dev team to give me a feed, for years. I would have loved a tool that only required me to provide my upload and distribution information and a credit card. Now I don’t think I would have given a limb for that but maybe a digit :).

Several weeks ago, we released the Rakuten Linkshare Merchandiser product feed integration for Chloe Feed Assembler. Each formatted and distributed LinkShare Merchandiser Product Datafeed file includes your MID, Company Name, Time Stamp and all the required product information as well as all the non-required fields that we are able to find and map from the in-code and on page data from your site. When the file is sent to Rakuten LinkShare, it is in the format and has the naming convention required for a completed upload.

If you have an affiliate program on the Rakuten LinkShare affiliate network and you need a product datafeed, don’t spend any more time on it then getting out your credit card. There is no mapping, no meetings with your dev team, no begging for development time and no time spent hand building a datafeed. We do it all and within 48-72 hours you’ll have a datafeed that will help you drive more sales! Email us at sales@chloeassembler.com!