FAQ – Is there an interface to do the field mapping for my product datafeed?

Yesterday I presented the full functioning Feed Assembler to a prominent network.  I really enjoyed showing our solution to a very common problem to a super smart group of people.  I love showcasing the Feed Assembler!  They asked me a few questions that I’ll be elaborating on here over the coming days and weeks.  The first one was a great one.  “Do you have an interface or a dashboard where the customer can or has to map their data to the feed specified fields required?

Great question right?  The simple answer is no, we don’t.  Could we?  Most definitely we can.  But why not now?

Well, we wanted to solve a specific problem with this tool.  Creating  feed when there are no tech resources or skills available to create one and make the results available any any network format.  I used myself 15 years ago as an example of the ideal client.  I was an affiliate manager at a very large women’s apparel retailer.  While I was handy in the tech area for a marketing guy, I was not a developer nor would I have been given access to that realm by the tech team.  The tech team also had hundreds of projects that were ahead of my datafeed requirements and it took me over a year to get a datafeed, and then I got one comprehensive feed, no customization or categorization of feeds.  I got what I got and that’s all I got.

I would have killed for a tool that allowed me to create a feed without any involvement from my entire company outside of submitting a payment option and providing credentials to upload and distribute the feed.  Ok, I don’t think I would have killed or even maimed, but I probably would have given good money for it.

So because of that, we didn’t want to provide an interface to do the mapping.  We wanted to do it for you.  So we do.  Clients of the Feed Assembler do not have to figure out what fields go where, what requirements each network has and what needs to go into those required areas.  We do that during the mapping process that takes a little over a day, share that first feed output with you the advertiser, then set up the crawl and distribution schedule.  After that you receive notification emails that the feed has started, it has completed, it was sent to the network(s) and it was accepted.  And then the receipt when it is done.

We tried to make this as simple as possible for you to have a fully functioning datafeed!

And I’m so excited to see you use it!

It’s Alive! Alive! Create Product Datafeeds Without Using Any Tech Resources.

For as long as I can remember, getting datafeeds integrated for our clients has been one of the single most difficult things to complete. Even when I worked inside of an advertiser, a complete product datafeed was very hard to push out. So about 5 years ago my developer and I started toying with the idea of solving that problem by crawling the advertiser’s website and using the on-page and in-code information to create the product datafeed. Well, now we are proud to say, this is available to you, too! We finished integration several weeks ago and testing is now complete. Product datafeeds for ShareASale, Rakuten LinkShare, Impact Radius, Commission Junction, AffiliateWindow and AvantLink can now be created when you sign up with Chloe Feed Assembler! As our site states, it really is as simple as signing up, giving us your payment information. We do the rest. Once you set up your account, we:

  • Do an initial crawl of your site
  • Map the most important and required fields to your network(s) of choice
  • Map as many non-required fields as possible
  • If fields such as “keywords” are not available via on-page or in-code information, we work with you to determine the best way to populate those fields
  • We then crawl the entire site
  • Provide a feed to our quality assurance team for check
  • Then submit your initial feed to your network
  • Once upload is successful, we’ll schedule the crawler and the distribution of feeds according to your preferences
  • Then Chloe Feed Assembler crawls your site, cleans the data, formats the data and distributes the data automatically while delivering success emails during each step of the way

And you’re done!  No tech resources, no long nights creating your own feed, no need to try and decipher tech documents. We’ve done all that for you. Datafeeds are hugely important to the affiliate channel and now you don’t have to wait any longer to have yours. Hey Affiliate Manager, you now can do this yourself. Let us help you be the hero! Email sales@chloeassembler.com or call 1-800-208-6215 x 1.  We’ll help you get started right away, or simply go to our homepage, scroll to the bottom and select your preferred package!