FAQ – Do you provide product feeds for international affiliate networks?

Product Datafeeds for International Affiliate Programs? You betchya we do! The world is getting smaller, so it’s vital that your affiliate program reflect that. And you need a data feed that you can use in those markets! So we’ve integrated our Assembler to create and distribute your product feed to the following global affiliate networks: Linkshare UK and CA, AVantLink CA and UK, Zanox, CJ UK and Affiliate Window.

AvantLink UK


CJ Affiliate by Conversant UK


AvantLink CA


Linkshare UK




AvantLink CA


Linkshare CA


These are all available to be scheduled for any recurring time frame and to be “automagically” distributed to these networks via FTP, Email or Browser Upload. Now you can get your affiliate program product datafeed in almost every network with the Chloe Feed Assembler!

FAQ – How quickly can you get my affiliate program data feed done?

Last week!  Well, if you contacted us then :)

It doesn’t take long, but let’s walk through it.  Day 1, you contact us and tell us you want the Chloe Feed Assembler to create your feed for [inset network here].  We then take that day to perform our initial crawl of the site.  Day 2 we map your network’s categories with the product information we extracted from your website.  The morning of day 3 we deliver you an example feed.  Once you approve, we then set that feed up for you on the schedule you wish.  Your done!  So, about 48 hours from start to finish.  Well, we should probably list out the extensive amount of work you’ll need to do to get your affiliate program product datafeed complete.  Pull up a chair, grab a coffee, this may take a while.

You will need to:

  • Give us your URL
  • Set up your account with your credit card
  • Review the feed

Ok, that’s really it.  But hopefully you enjoyed a cup of coffee :).  It only takes 48 hours, your url and your credit card :)

FAQ – How often can you crawl and extract product data for my datafeed?

Another great question!  We recently launched a new and improved scheduler for our product datafeed creator.  This scheduler allows you to crawl your site and extract your product information, and distribute that feed once in the future, every week on a certain day, every single day and once a month on the first day of that month.  Each feed begins around 12am PST and is distributed to the network(s) of your choice upon completion.

Check it out:

product datafeed scheduler

Choose your date and whether you want your feed to be done at regular intervals and you’re done.  It’s really that simple to do.

You receive emails when your feed is created and then when it was “automagically” distributed to your network.

Have more questions – sales@chloeassembler.com

Looking for Google Product Feed Beta Tester

We recently integrated Google’s product feed specifications into the Chloe Feed Assembler and are looking for an advertiser that needs a feed, isn’t able to create one themselves, and would like to Beta test this integration with the Chloe Feed Assembler!  We’ll include the setup and 6 months at no charge at all.  If you are interested, please contact sales@chloeassembler.com.

FAQ – How many products will you crawl for my product data feed?

We field this question more often than any other.  “How much is it if my product inventory goes above 1000, 10,000, 50,000?”  “Can your system handle tens of thousands of products?”  “If we go above a certain number of products, will we see a higher charge?”  All great questions that I can very quickly answer for you.

Let’s start with the the functionality question.  Can the Chloe Feed Assembler handle tens of thousands of products or more?  YES.  There is no limit to the number of products the feed assembler can extract from your website.  If you have ten products or 100,000, the feed assembler will simply keep crawling till they are all added to our database and assembled in your network format.    The only thing that changes is the time it takes to complete the data scraping and extraction for your product data feed.  Higher number of products equal longer time to compile.  But don’t worry, we start pretty early in the morning to get these done :).

Let’s address cost.  We do not price the feed assembler based on number of products.  The current pricing allows for unlimited number of products extracted from your website with different packages based on frequency.  So, 4 products or 400,000, there is only one price based on whether you want your feed created weekly, monthly or unlimited times a month.

Easy right?